Beat'em up weirdness

I love beat'em ups. They're probably my favorite kind of arcade game. I find them strangely relaxing, as they help me unwind after a hard day's work. Hitting people could do that for you.
So, every now end then I start on a mission to discover some new beat'em up arcade game I've never played before. As you may expect, that's getting harder as time passes and I run out of new titles. And the titles that I've never played are often non that good (there should be a reason to why I never played them before, right?).
This situation has an intriguing side effect, tough. I sometime find myself playing some really crazy stuff. I mean really, completely batshit crazy. Today I'm gonna talk about some of this crazyness.

  • Oriental Legend: This is probably a well known game, maybe not so for the casual gamer, so it's worth mentioning. First time a played it, I found myself controlling an antropomorphous pig wielding a rake. His name is Ba-Chieh. That baffled me. To a chinese audience, that's probably perfectly reasonable, since the game (as its title suggests) is based on traditional chinese legends. But to a westerner, that really looks funny to say the least. The game itself is quite good, in case you're wondering. Worth checking out.
    a rake-wielding pig

  • Ninja baseball batman: crazy is this game's trademark. How else could you describe the completely over-the-line enemies you find yourself fighting? Baseball balls, bats, planes (?) you name it. An we also get cheerleaders. A plane!

  • Battle circuit: the character I'm controlling in the picture is some kind of yellow cat-lady. Who has a squirrel pet following around. And one of the first bosses you get to fight is an Elvis look-a-like, hitting you with his guitar. Game designers were dropping some serious stuff when working on this. Elvis look-a-like

That's it for now. Feel free to recommend any other crazy beat'em up you come across. I'm always looking for more.