Loom (Lucasfilm, 1990)

It was about time we talked about a Lucasfilm adventure, don't you think? Since I like being an anticonformist, no Monkey Island or Indiana Jones. We're talking about Loom.


Loom is kind of a strange duck. It's quite different from the aforementioned Lucasfilm adventures. First of all, the setting is far more serious than we're used to. It's an intriguing fantasy world where the magic system is based on combination of notes (drafts). Consequently, the game interface is quite different from the usual SCUMM games; you do not have the familiar verbs to combine with objects on the scene, but you can interact with the environment just by playing several combination of notes. No inventory, no interactive dialogue (as far as I remember). It may sound a little limiting, but trust me, it's not. It's quite an original take on the adventure genre, if you ask me.

playing a draft

I remember playing Loom for the first time without knowing anything about it. After just a few minutes of play, I was literally mesmerized by its atmosphere and original gameplay.
I also remember finding it rather easy compared to the traditional Lucas adventures (monkey wrench anyone?), but that didn't bother me at all. I don't judge a game by it's difficulty, but by the emotions it arouses. And on this front, Loom is a winner.

box contents

I was lucky enough to find an amiga boxed version at a reasonable price. Where I suppose reasonable is open to debate, considering the crazy prices retrogames have nowadays.
But let's talk about the rather interesting box contents:

  • The Book of Patterns, an illustrated notebook, which purpose was to note the drafts that could be learned during the game. Nice.

  • An audio tape containing a 30-minute audio drama that introduces us to the world of Loom. Well, this is new. Never happened before to find an audio tape in a game box. I liked that! Unfortunately I'll never be able to listen to it, since I don't own a tape player any more :-(

  • Coloured-lens visor. Some kind of copy protection contraption, I suppose. I haven't checked on this yet.

  • Three 3,5" floppy disks (meh)

  • Game reference card

  • Game manual