World in conflict Collector's Edition (Massive Entertainment, 2007)

Box contents

World in Conflict is a 2007 game. So it's by no means a retrogame. Not even by younger gamers standards. Add the fact that I don't even know what the game is about. Never played it, never read a review.
So, why is it in my collection? Well, take a look at the box contents for the collector's edition:

  • Game disk. It's a CD-ROM, of course. Meh, who wants those.
  • Behind the scenes DVD. Yea, sure. I'll certainly watch every minute of this.
  • Modern marvels - the Berlin wall history channel DVD. Slightly better.
  • Limited edition world in conflict Headset HS-390. This may come in handy, who knows.
  • Authentic piece of the Berlin Wall. Yep, you read it right. A piece of the Berlin Wall. With a certificate of authenticity.

A piece of the Berlin Wall A piece of the Berlin Wall!

Let's be honest, regarding game feelies, a piece of the Berlin wall is hard to beat. That's a piece of history, not just of videogame history.
I'm also very very very fond of the '80s, so when a read the box content, I knew I had to own this game. I didn't even look up what the game was.

I'm tempted to put just the wall pieces on my shelf, because honestly the game really feels out of place in my collection. I'll have to think about that.

That's all for the impulse buying section. For now.